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Bearded Collie Club of NSW

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Bearded Collie Club of NSW Inc.




2004 – 2005


NAME:             ______________________________________________________________________________________


ADDRESS:            ____________________________________________________________________________________


                        ______________________________ STATE: ___________________ POSTCODE: ___________________


TELEPHONE NUMBER(S):            ________________________________________________________________________


EMAIL ADDRESS:                    __________________________________________________________________________


RNSWCC MEMBERSHIP NO (if applicable):            ________________________________________


KENNEL PREFIX (if applicable):                           __________________________________________


NAMES OF DOGS:             ______________________________________________________________________




FOR NEW MEMBERS:                Nominated By:            ________________________________________________


                                                Date Approved:         ________________________________________________


I agree to be bound by the Rules & Regulations of the RNSWCC, abide by the Club’s Constitution and uphold the Club’s Code of Ethics.


                                                                                  Signature of applicant(s)


FEES:                DUAL:                         $20.00              OVERSEAS MEMBER                                $30.00 (AUS)

                        SINGLE:                       $15.00              ***LISTING IN BEARDED COLLIE CLUB

                        JUNIOR/PENSIONER    $7.50               OF NSW INC. BREEDER’S DIRECTORY      $10.00


NOTES:             *** To be completed by applicants for the Breeder’s Directory: “I agree to my name, town, telephone number and email address being printed on the Club’s Information leaflet and published on the Club’s Web site”

                                                                        Signature & Date:  ____________________________________


Membership Renewals are due on 30th June each year.

Application for renewal/new membership must be made on this form and forwarded to the Secretary accompanied by the appropriate fee.

Whilst membership will be considered continuous provided it is received by 31st August, our Constitution requires that to stand for office or vote at the Annual General Meeting in August, renewals must be received by the Secretary prior to the 30th June.


Application for new membership lodged after 31st December attract only half the required fee.


All cheques/money orders should be made payable to the BEARDED COLLIE CLUB OF NSW INC. and forwarded to:

The Secretary:             Mrs Lynda Brandt

                                    364 Forest Road, Kirrawee NSW  2232

                                    (02) 9521 2005

CLUB EMAIL ADDRESS:              



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