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Bearded Collie Club of NSW


2nd June, 2002
Mrs P Harnett (SA) -Breed and General Specials


** Click on the name of the dog for photo **


BEST IN SHOW:                                   Aust Grd Ch Oakcrest Chianti - J & L Black

RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW:    Aust Ch Bonibraes Wolfmans Image - PJ & KJ Finlayson


Challenge Dog:                                       Aust Ch Bonibraes Wolfmans Image - PJ & KJ Finlayson
Reserve Challenge Dog:                      Aust Ch Oakcrest Rum Runner - A Innes

Challenge Bitch:                                     Aust Grd Ch Oakcrest Chianti - J & L Black
Reserve Challenge Bitch:                    Aust Ch Keiramyst Lorna Doon - L Brandt

BABY IN SHOW:                                   Bonibraes Superstar - PJ & KJ Finlayson (dog)
OPPOSITE BABY:                                  Bonibraes Movie Star - PJ & KJ Finlayson/ AJ Dillon (bitch)

MINOR IN SHOW:                              Colard California Honey (AI) - R & C Stoate (bitch) 
OPPOSITE MINOR:                             Briarmist Glenfiddich - J & L Black (dog)

PUPPY IN SHOW:                                Oakcrest Sea Sprite - M Sedgwick (bitch)
                                                                       No Opposite

JUNIOR IN SHOW:                             Bonibraes Dazzlin Star - PJ & KJ Finlayson (bitch)
                                                                       No Opposite

INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW:            Aust Ch Pastraka Sweet William (Imp UK) - J & L Black (dog)
OPPOSITE INTERMEDIATE:           Keiramyst Laura Ashley - L Brandt (bitch)

AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW:    Aust Ch Keiramyst Lorna Doone - L Brandt (bitch)
OPPOSITE AUST. BRED:                     Aust Ch Oakcrest Rum Runner - A Innes (dog)

OPEN IN SHOW:                                   As per Best In Show
OPPOSITE OPEN:                                  As per Runner Up Best In Show 



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