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Bearded Collie Club of NSW


... Minutes of Meetings ...

General Meeting - 6th August 2002




  Meeting opened at 8.06pm


M & L Cogzell, A Moy, L Brandt,

P & K Finlayson



Moved M Cogzell, seconded L Cogzell that the apologies be accepted.                                                                                             CARRIED


MINUTES FROM JUNE GENERAL MEETING: Moved M Cogzell, seconded P Finlayson that the Minutes of the June General Meeting as published in Beardie Business be accepted.                                             CARRIED


BUSINESS ARISING: Moved L Brandt, seconded L Cogzell that any Business arising be deferred until later in the Meeting.            CARRIED



1.            RNSWCC re Veterans in December

2.         A Cowin – enclosing contract for 1/6/03

3.         HL & FL Chambers – ribbon order for Oct Trial

4.         Allianz – appln for Certificate of Currency re Workers Compensation

5.            RNSWCC – enclosing certificate of Currency

6.            RNSWCC – Appln for renewal of Affiliation & Insurance

7.            RNSWCC – booking Ring No 2 for

1st June, 2003

8.         St George Dist KC – enclosing cheque for airfare (June 2002)

9.         Nor-West Canine Assoc booking ring for Picnic Day – 8/9/02



1.         June, July & August Journals

2.            RNSWCC re veterans in December

3.            RNSWCC re Workers Compensation Certificate of Currency

4.            RNSWCC – approval for December Show

5.         WDC July/Aug News

6.         L Smith – Application for CD Trophy for Aust Ch Bonbon Freedom Fighter + pointscore scores

7.         PAD – info re tail docking + seminar details for 9/7/02

8.            RNSWCC – breeder’s directory renewal

9.         RAS re supporter’s program

10.       Allianz – Certificate of Currency

11.       Dept FairTtrading – info for incorporated associations

12.            Bragabout – April-June

13.            RNSWCC – confirning booking for Rings 7 & 8 for 9/10/03


Moved P Finlayson, seconded M Cogzell that the inwards correspondence be received and the outwards be endorsed.                                 CARRIED


BUSINESS ARISING: moved L Brandt, seconded A Moy that any Business arising be deferred until later in the Meeting.            CARRIED



Treasurer not present; cash/cheques in hand to be banked before books presented to auditor.



1) RNSWCC – ground rental 2/6             22.00

2) L Brandt – 2x Ch & 2x Res trophies

 for Dec show                                              52.00

3) L Cogzell – engraving                             15.00

4) SPA Sportsware – sloppy joes (11)       284.90

5) M Sedgwick – 3 issues of Beardie Business, film & developing from Oct 2001 show      174.35

6) RNSWCC – breeder’s directory renewal 66.00

Moved M Cogzell, seconded            L Cogzell that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted and the Accounts passed for payment.                                  CARRIED


NEW MEMBERS:            Mrs Joan Curtis from Balmain with Ruatha Knight’s Quest

Nominated: Christine Morris,

Seconded : K Finlayson                      ACCEPTED



1) October Trial 13th October – 10.00am

Trial Manager/Secretary- Lynda Brandt; 

Vetting (9.15am)- Ann Moy;  

Catering- Merv, Lois, Tim F

Ann & Lynda to organise stewards & Rep; tables & chairs needed for official’s lunch; Canteen has fridge & power

  2) December Champ Show –

Judge:                           Chris Walkowicz; 

Steward:                       Rhonda Ralphs; 

RNSWCC Rep:     Leigh Shanahan

Catelogue:            Entries:             Annette Inness                           Club pages:   Lynda Brandt

            Cover:              Tim Finlayson                                  Advertising:      Tim Finlayson

Include Speciality winners for past 10 years; photo/resume of judge/advertising @ $10 per page (max. 2 photos); all in black & white

Judging order:            6pm - Parade of veterans, Dogs, Meal break (Seek catering), Bitches, General Specials, Presentations


3)Tea/Seminar: Sunday Night  8th December

5pm     Tea for Beardie people with Chris – prepaid with entries (catered from outside)

7pm            Seminar: "The Perfect Beardie - Judging, Exhibiting and Breeding the Beardie." 

Supper - $5 at door includes supper (we cater)

Advertise: Karin to investigate cost of quarter page in Oz Dog


4) Shows 2003: June: Breed: Miss A Cowin

October Meeting to accept nominations for other judges for 2003


5)  Point Score Winners 2001-2001:     

Dog:                 Ch Bonibraes Wolfmans Image

Bitch:                Gr Ch Keiramyst Lorna Doone

Obedience:            Ch Bonbon Freedom Fighter CD



1)Beardie Business: Meeting agreed to a proposal to publish Beardie Business 4 times per year.


Date for info to Editor

Desired publication date


(published by incumbent editor

1st August

(except for information from August meetings

First week Sept


1st November

First week Dec


1st February

First week Mar


1st May

First week June

(handed out at June Show then remainder posted)


2) Fundraising

(i) Raffle on Sunday at SSABKC Show in July  profit $302.50

(ii) Catering for WDC Show (exhibitors) in Nov

(iii) December show raffle – grooming box – post out tickets with Spring BB ($2 each, 3 for $5)


3) Eye Clinic 2002 – Thursday 17th October in Gordon Douglas Pavilion


4) Website – Annette Inness has this under construction hosted by Tripod (for free); needs Club Info brochure, membership form & breeder’s directory to be included.


5) BCC Breeder’s Directory – from tonight this to be $10 annually(per membership year); details published on website & leaflet; members with puppies to have their details “flagged” for 3 months on website & Secretary will give out their name to phone enquiries; membership form to include signed permission from members for details to be published and given out.


5) Pal NSW Inter Club Obedience Challenge – Sat 27th July – an enjoyable day had by all; Sharon Roche to write a report to be published in Beardie Business


6) Picnic Day – 8th September – 1 ring + steward’s room booked at Castle Hill; Grooming – Karin; Games – Tim & Ann; Lunch – Lynda; Prizes - Tim


7) Breeder’s Directory Renewal with RNSWCC – approved with just Secretary’s contact details  

Meeting closed at 10.00pm


Meeting re-opened at 10.25pm


Request from AGM:

Secretary to write to G Baldock and ask if she is willing to remain the Archivist & ask if a clear copy of the drawing used on the Club letterhead is available to improve quality of letterhead.


Meeting closed at 10.26pm


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