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Bearded Collie Club of NSW


... Minutes of Meetings ...




Meeting opened at 12.20pm

PRESENT: L Brandt, P Finlayson, A Dillon, K Finlayson, J & B Wistuba, B & R Gibb

APOLOGIES: P Brooks, A Innes, A Moy

Moved A Dillon, seconded P Finlayson that the apologies be accepted.                                        CARRIED


MINUTES FROM DECEMBER GENERAL MEETING: Moved P Finlayson, seconded K Finlayson that the Minutes of the December General Meeting as printed in Beardie Business be accepted.            CARRIED

MINUTES FROM FEBRUARY COMMITTEE MEETING: Moved A Dillon, seconded P Finlayson that the Minutes of the February Committee meeting as printed in Beardie Business be accepted and the actions taken be endorsed.                                                                                                                                 CARRIED

BUSINESS ARISING: Moved L Brandt, seconded A Dillon that any Business arising be deferred until later in the Meeting.                                                                                                                                              CARRIED



1.               RNSWCC booking herding facility for 6th & 7th April and 21st & 22nd July

2.               RNSWCC – Stationery order

3.               RNSWCC – re change of property/junior handler judge for show 30th May

4.               J Forbes enclosing contract for Property Classes & Junior Showmanship for 30th May

5.               HL & FL Chambers – ribbon order for June Champ Show & July Open Show

6.               V Royston re inelligibility to judge 30th May & enclosing contract for 11th July

7.               RNSWCC – draft schedule for Open Show on 11th July

8.               BCC of Vic – enclosing schedule for May 30th Show

9.               RNSWCC re permanent booking for Herding facility

10.            Allianz re Workers’ Comp



1.               Returned contracts from N Griffin & G Sommerville for 10th Oct Show/Trial

2.               Blacktown K & T Club re Inter Club Obedience Challenge Match

3.               Virbac

4.               HL & FL Chambers – accepting ribbon order

5.               RNSWCC – approval for Show 30th May

6.               J Forbes – returned contract for 30th May

7.               RNSWCC re Judges Training Scheme Field Nights

8.               RNSWCC – acknowledging booking for sheepdog area (6th & 7th April and 21st & 22nd July)

9.               P Finlayson – re formation of Herding Sub-committee

10.            RNSWCC – re application for permanent booking of sheepdog area

11.            RNSWCC – approval for Open Show 11th July

12.            Alice Springs KC re 200th Champ Show on 4th July

13.            D Ellwood re Puppy register

14.            Collie (Rough & Smooth) Club of Qld re UK judge for Aug 2005

15.            Allianz re Workers’ Comp.

16.            WDC News – Jan/Feb & Mar/Apr

17.            Canine Journal – March & April

18.            RNSWCC Board to BCC of NSW President re herding


Moved A Dillon, seconded P Finlayson that the inwards correspondence be received and the outwards be endorsed.                                                                                                                                             CARRIED


BUSINESS ARISING: moved L Brandt, seconded            A Dillon that any Business arising be deferred until later in the Meeting.                                                                                                                                  CARRIED



New account has been opened and waiting for all signatories to complete forms before cheque book can be issued.



1)            RNSWCC – show stationary                                                                     50.65                           Paid

2)         A Mitchell – herding                                                                                    300.00                         Paid

3)         BCC of Vic – ½ share of BOW Calendar money                          774.63

4)            Chambers Ribbons – ribbons (Champ & Open Shows)               160.60

6)            Blacktown Kennel & Training Club – inter club challenge                     35.00

7)            RNSWCC – draft schedule for Oct Show/Trial                              33.00

Moved P Finlayson, seconded L Brandt that the Accounts passed for payment.                                  CARRIED



1)            Graham & Rebecca Gibb of Narellan Vale, NSW with “Jackson II” &  “Cricket”            Nominated by

K Finlayson, seconded by P Finlayson                                                                                 ACCEPTED



1) June 04 Championship Show – 30th May 2004 commencing at 10.00 am

·                 Judges: Breed: Mr P Primrose (SA) & Property & Junior Showmanship: Mr J Forbes (NSW)

·                 Lunch to be shared table (Secretary to arrange)

·                 Ring 1 or 2 – waiting for Cavalier Club who have booking for rings 1 & 4

·                 Trophies – some donations received

·                 Raffle – donation from N Griffin (cooler bag on wheels)


2) July 04 Open Show

·                 Judge: Mrs J Docksey (breed) & Miss V Royston (property)

·                 Sunday 11th July 2004 in conjunction with SSABKC Double weekend at Erskine Park

·                 Beardie judging once beardies finished in Sutherland ring


3) October 04 Champ. Show/Obedience Trial 

·                 Sunday 10th October ;  

·                 Venue: Lomatia Park

·                 Judges:      Breed: Mrs N Griffin; Obedience: Mr G Sommerville

·                 Draft Schedule: entry fees same as June Show

·                 Send Schedule to S Fedoryschn


4) Possible Subcontract of Mrs Stella Clark (UK) from Collie Rough & Smooth Club of Qld for 2005:

Sun 7th Aug – Northern Classic KC (beardies, borders, shelties)

Tues 9th Aug – Collie National

Thurs 11th Aug – Brisbane Royal commences

Possible date for us – Sat 13th August 2005 (ie 33rd weekend) – Sat: Liverpool & Dist ABKC; Sun: Nowra & Dist KC

Meeting agreed to proceed with plans to subcontract her and apply for change of date once Committee had had answers to questions of accommodation, who booking flights, is she willing to judge, etc

October trial to remain in October – committee to look at expanding it for 2005


1)         “The Happy Herders” – letter to Board approved in response to their letter to our President


2)            Herding Clinics/Trials – 21 & 22 July – places are still available – advertising in WDC News and flyers prepared by K Finlayson


3)         Pal Inter Club Challenge – Sat 24th July 2004 – Meeting agreed to Club again participating


4)         Judges Training Scheme

            (a)            Field Night – Monday 12th July – 7pm – preferable a class of dogs & a class of bitches

            (b)            Mini Sub Group – Monday 19th July – 1 beardie

            (c)            Final Full group Night – Monday 26th July – 1 beardie


5)         Alice Springs Kennel Club 200th Champ Show – 4th July



1)         Rescue Pamphlets – P Finlayson to print and ask our “rescue contacts’ to take them to their local “pound” and report back where they had taken them to


2)         A Dillon requested access to the archives.  Meeting gave permission and suggested she may be able to collect them and deliver to new archivist; Secretary to advise of this arrangement


Meeting Closed at 1.15 pm


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